Getting up from Falls Workshop

Getting up from Falls Workshop

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Saturday June 11th 2.30 - 4.30
Northill Village Hall, Thorncote Road Northill, SG18 9AQ

Falls represent half of hospital admissions for injury. Every year in England, 223,000 people over 60 have a fracture as a result of a fall   As we age, the chances of falling, and the associated risks, increase.

On this workshop, experienced Instructor Robert Poyton will teach you highly effective methods for managing a fall. The work is tailored to beginners of any age and is totally safe. You are in control!

STAGE ONE - getting safely to the floor, aided and unaided
STAGE TWO - getting comfortable on the floor, mobility
STAGE THREE - falling safely from sitting
STAGE FOUR - getting up safely, aided and unaided

All work will be carried out on thick mats and is safe and effective. You work to your own needs and limits and can stay within whatever stage you feel most comfortable with.

Fee: £30 

For more information contact Sarah Wale at

This is beginner level, potentially leading to more active fall training for sports people, horse riders, dancers, martial artists, etc